The original idea came from an workshop with farmers in Malawi in the spring 2009.
At the workshop transport in the villages was identified as one of the key obstacles for further efficiency. Lack of simple transport means made it difficult to transport crops, fertilizer, manure, stones, wood and water.
This led to the idea of developing a robust, cheap and workable wheelbarrow that could easily be transported and used in African villages.
The first design ideas involved a simple frame, a piece of strong but flexible material and a puncture free wheel.


It turned out that similar wheelbarrows had been used by Chinese farmers and a Chinese model was used as inspiration. However, a new and much more robust design has now been made using modern materials.
The Worldbarrow frame is being produced by the well-established Danish wheelbarrow producer Ravendo but the aim is to start production in Africa. The let will be produced in India.


The Worldbarrow is indeed a product of globalisation.




Worldbarrow 2010